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Southeastern Channel to Stream Lions-Demons Game Live

The Southeastern Channel, Southeastern Louisiana University's educational access channel on Charter Cable Channel 18, has been nominated for four regional Emmy Awards.

A station identification promo, a composite of graphics and animation work, and promotional spots for both the channel's football broadcasts and its nature series, "Backyard Wonders," were nominated.

Channel Videographer/Editor Josh Kapusinski was nominated for three Emmys, including a spot for the nature series, "Backyard Wonders," in the "Promotion/Program/Single Spot or Campaign" category. He also received a nomination for his Southeastern Channel ID in the "Promotion/Image/Station/Single Spot or Campaign" category. A composite of Kapusinski's work was nominated in the "Graphic Arts and Animation" category.

Channel Operations Manager Steve Zaffuto was nominated for his promo for Southeastern football broadcasts in the "Promotion/Program/Sports" category.

The National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences made the nominations from entries submitted by television stations and production companies in the Suncoast Region, which includes Louisiana, Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi and Puerto Rico. The winners will be announced Dec. 4 in Fort Lauderdale, Fla.

The Southeastern Channel, which has won six Emmys and garnered 18 Emmy nominations over the last five years, had more nominations than any other university channel in the Suncoast Region and one of the top numbers among Louisiana television stations- whether commercial or non-commercial. It's the only university television station to have won an Emmy in state history.

"The Emmy is the highest honor that you can win in television- so for yet another year this is a great statement about the high quality of our productions," said Rick Settoon, general manager of the Southeastern Channel. "Josh and Steve richly deserve this recognition since the quality of their work ranks at the top of the industry. They've applied their tremendous creative and technical talents through hard work to make not only these spots, but all of their work, as good as possible."

Kapusinski has already won three Emmys while Zaffuto has won two.

"A nomination in itself is a great achievement regardless of whether or not the work ends up winning," Kapusinski said. "I'm happy with just the nomination that in itself is a great honor because to get nominated numerous industry professionals from producers to writers to camera operators have to judge the work."

Zaffuto agreed. "It is again an honor to receive a nomination," he said. "It is a validation of the hard work everyone, not just myself, does at the Southeastern Channel."

Kapusinski's nominated station ID for the Southeastern Channel shows a Rubik's Cube rotating and spinning to upbeat music. Each face of the cube represents channel programs from different topic areas such as community, education, entertainment and athletics.

"The main goal was to show the viewer that the Southeastern Channel has programs for everyone by putting clips of programs on the different faces of the Rubik's Cube," Kapusinski said.

The ID was created mainly with 3D animation and involves blue screen work with a Lady Lions soccer player kicking a soccer ball at the cube to set it in motion.

"The concept for a Rubik's cube spinning around with programs on the cube faces had been growing in my head for probably two years," Kapusinski said. "Unbelievably, the end product came out pretty close to the original vision- which usually doesn't happen as ideas typically change through trial and error."

Kapusinski's "Backyard Wonders" promo highlights content areas of the nature show such as conservation, biodiversity and the culinary heritage of Louisiana. The spot is accented with ornamental elements, growing plants and moving insects. Kapusinski used 3D modeling and animation, live action blue screen compositing, motion tracking and 2D animation techniques in producing the spot.

Zaffuto fashioned an energetic football spot designed to promote Lion football on the Southeastern Channel.

"Still photos, video and other graphic devices were animated to provide an exciting glimpse into the game," he said.

The Southeastern Channel, which has won more than 100 national and international awards in the past eight years, can be seen on Charter Cable Channel 18 in Tangipahoa, St. Tammany and Livingston parishes and on Channel 17 in Washington Parish. It can also be viewed online at